Simply put - I love what I do!
I fell in love with photography at a young age. I spent hours dressing up my little sisters and staging photoshoots. In high school my love was rekindled when I started taking a photography class. I stepped out of it for a while because life got busy and then when my son was born I started taking pictures of him and once again I was reminded of how much I love capturing those perfect (and not so perfect) moments.

Your Photographer and new best friend

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Hi I'm Kaitlyn

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Criminal Minds


SanClemente Beach


Dr. Pepper

Ice Cream

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My biggest supporter and my best friend is my husband Blake! He has always supports my dreams, hobbies, and now my business. He will often give up his weekend evenings so that I can spend them doing what I love while he hangs out with our son. Bo is my 2 year old baby boy who is always keeping me on my toes. He is wild and spunky. He is also sweet and the most loving boy in the whole world. The newest addition to the Kellar family is miss Josie Grace. She's small but mighty and the perfect way for us to complete our little family

We're The Kellars

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November 2022 I got the keys to my first studio commercial space and all my dreams were coming true. The studio is in a beautiful spot in the middle of Yucaipa. The studio is on the second floor of a bunch of stores. So although you have to walk up a flight of stairs it is perfect. The studio has 3 rooms, a dressing room, and a storage closet to store the hundreds of newborn props. It's the perfect spot for cozy family sessions, newborn sessions, cake smash sessions, and more. Ready to book a session?


In May of 2021 I started my first full time job since becoming a mom. I worked there for 3 short months when I decided thats not what I wanted to do and I told myself that one day I will be a full-time photographer and be able to stay home with my babies during the day. In August of 2021 I bought a trailer to convert into a studio with the help of my husband. When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter I decided that I was going to focus on newborn & other photography and I quickly outgrew my little trailer space.