WHat to expect

Let's get to planning! Your session to fully customized to you and your vision. We will chat and make sure were a good fit and that we can make your vision come to life.

The  Experience 


I will send you a full prep guide full of all the information you need to take the stress out of your day and make sure the session goes smooth!


This is where the magic happens! During the session, we will work together to make your vision come to life! 


This is where you get to see your final photos in person for the first time. We choose the best way to display your photos.


Newborn sessions are the best way to remember all of your sweet baby's perfect details way into their teen years. As a mom I know how quick this time passes by, One day you're bringing them home from the hospital and the next they're starting their first day of high school. Newborn sessions are best captured between 7-21 days old. This is when they're still flexible and sleepy. I recommend booking your session a few months before your due date since I only take on a few sessions a month to ensure I can accommodate early and late arrivals. A week or two after your session you can come back in the studio and see your photos and envision what they're going to look like displayed across your walls. 


Prints and products sold separately 


Take the day & get pampered and never forget this chapter in your life. Session fee includes a professional makeup session. There is something so incredible about the changes our bodies go through to welcome sweet little babies into the world. A maternity session is a great way to remember the days before your life changes forever. Being a mama of 2 myself maternity sessions hold such a special place in my heart. If you have older kiddos then its a perfect way to capture them before they take on the roll of big brother or sister. If you don't have older ones the it's capturing a time in your life before you have to find a babysitter every time you want to go out. In 9 short months we go through so many changes and celebrating that with a photo session is a great way to preserve that forever.


Prints and products sold separately 


Portrait sessions are more than just capturing images; they are an investment in memories that last a lifetime. Whether it's for a family, graduation, engagement, or any special occasion, these sessions offer a unique opportunity to freeze moments in time and celebrate life's milestones. Through professionally crafted portraits, you can cherish the bonds you share with loved ones and relive cherished memories for years to come. Investing in a portrait session ensures that you have tangible keepsakes to treasure and share with future generations, making it a truly worthwhile and invaluable experience.

Session Fee starting at $150

Prints and products sold separately 

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