The Newborn Session Experience

Picture this – a cozy studio filled with soft blankets, gentle lighting, and an atmosphere of warmth that’s perfect for capturing those first precious moments.

As your go-to Yucaipa Newborn Photographer, I bring a whole lot of heart to the session. You know, the kind of heart that turns a photoshoot into a comfy space where your little one can just be themselves. And hey, patience is my middle name – well, not really, but you get the idea. Each tiny finger, every adorable pose, it’s all thoughtfully captured to create a visual love story unique to your family.

After our session, I dive into the behind-the-scenes magic. Sorting through the cutest snaps and adding that extra sparkle, I present you with a collection that’s not just pictures but a glimpse into the pure, boundless potential of your newest family member.

So, let’s create some magic together at Kaitlyn Dawn Photography – where we turn those fleeting moments into forever memories. Can’t wait to capture the essence of your family’s beautiful beginning!





The Newborn Session Experience

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I'm Kaitlyn! I'm a newborn & maternity photographer in Yucaipa, Ca. I'm a mama of 2 and know how Important it is to capture each milestone before it's gone.

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